Multipurpose Kiosk

IBS Custom Kiosks for All Industries

Most organizations are deploying self-service machines as part of their customer service strategy. The objectives of this strategy are to enhance customer convenience, extend operational hours, facilitate digital payments, and boost sales. These smart kiosks facilitate processing transactions usually done by employees and customers, such as cash/cheque deposit, documents printing, balance enquiry, statement printing, and license renewal.

IBS offers a range of custom Kiosk solutions “iKiosk” for different industries including education, health, insurance, HR, charity, to name a few. Our kiosk solutions are tailored to present the services of an organization in the most efficient and safe way. For instance,

  • Education iKiosk
  • o Can be deployed in: university, school, college

    o Services: registration, pay tuition, purchase textbooks, order food from campus

  • Health iKiosk
  • o Can be deployed in: hospitals, clinics, university health centers, emergency centers

    o Services: get waiting ticket, pay medical bill, fill medical forms, print medicine prescription

  • Charity iKiosk
  • o Can be deployed in: charitable organizations, humanitarian organization, NGOs, events

    o Services: pay donation, check donation pillars, promote charity services

  • Insurance iKiosk
  • o Can be deployed in: car dealerships, malls, insurance companies

    o Services: pay insurance fees, open account, print report, renew contract, report claim

Built with the best-in-class equipment following international design standards, our flexible and elegant multipurpose kiosks will engage your customers where and how you need:

We use the latest and most advanced technologies to produce our smart and easy-to-use self-service kiosks. This guarantees seamless integration between our kiosks and your existing systems. Want to learn the many functions of IBS Kiosks or how it would improve your business? Contact us to talk to our experts.


• 24×7 self-service
• Automating the business
• Gaining greater ROI
• Expanding brand reach