Digital Banking Branch

Why Make a Digital Bank Transformation?

The need for digital banks or digital branches is driven by growing customer expectations for digital banking experiences. Customers tend to favor banks which applied a form of digital transformation; ones that accommodate to digital consumer behaviors and self-service. Customers return to banks with shorter turnaround times, 24x7x365 availability and accessibility, and omnichannel interactions.

Banks on the other hand, want to add features much faster, extend their presence without opening new branches, reduce the number of steps and people involved in transactions, reduce the risk of financial errors, increase their customer base and sales.

IBS Digital Banking Branch Solution At IBS, we believe that the future of banking is in providing a true omni-channel experience, with the right mix between a physical branch and digital branch.

Bank branches need to transform and adopt a digital technology platform, where banking services are automated and delivered through multi-channels such as banking kiosks, mobile apps, and video conferencing tools. Yet, banks still need to focus on customers opting real-time assistance and personalized services.

Our Digital Banking Branch Solution integrates digital technology with traditional banking. IBS Digital Banking Branch Solution consists of 5 zones, namely, Quick Banking Zone, Printing Zone, Mobile Banking Zone, Video Conferencing, and Interactive Digital Wall. Each zone addresses specific customer needs and improves efficiency of delivered operations. Though bank customers will still be able to get personal advice in the bank branch ,

IBS Digital Banking Branch Solution provides bank customers with a reliable and secured platform to:

1. Process real-time electronic banking services such as opening accounts, issuing bank cards, processing KYC registration, managing loans, paying bills, deposits and withdrawing money, transfers, etc.
2. Connect with their bank on-the-go as per their schedule
3. Have face-to-face dialogues with bank agents
4. Learn more about the banking services and products

Equip your Bank to accommodate the emerging customer behavior towards digitization. Contact us now.


• 24/7 availability
• Secure and Easy to Use
• Enhanced queue management
• Boosted Sales
• Expanded service portfolio
• Reduced operational cost


• Issue Cheque Book
• Process KYC
• Withdraw Cash
• Deposit Cash
• Transfer Account
• Print Account Statement/Document
• Issue Card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)
• Pay Through Credit Card
• Pay Bills
• E-Voucher/E-Top Up
• Early/Late Repayment
• E-Ticketing
• Request Loan, Mortgage, Credit Card
• Scan & Submit Document
• Automated Remittance
• Payment Order
• Video Conference
• Print Draft Cheque
• Pre-Registration
• Request Status and Account Information
• Get Information About Products, Services, & Offers


• Customized design and branding
• International standard
• Multiple languages
• Multiple currencies
• Multiple payment channels (cash, card, voucher)
• Cost effective
• Fast delivery
• Best prices
• 24/7 customer support
• Full online monitoring & control system
• Full reporting system
• Advertise about products and services