According to the latest data from GSMA Intelligence, there are 5.48 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today, all seeking fast and secure services, anytime and anywhere. Besides offering an amazing customer experience through instant engagement, mobile applications provide easier payments, better brand visibility, increased reach, and improved subscriber acquisition.

Mobile users had shown different shopping patterns in the last few years which certainly influenced the rapid adaptation of non-cash transactions. With mobile payment adoption expected to reach 4.8 billion by 2025, merchants need to keep pace with fast-changing demands through introducing convenient applications. According to different needs and businesses, the application could be developed as a mobile payment application, a customer service channel, a marketing channel, an eCommerce platform, or all!

What is a mobile payment?
It is a form of payment that does not require contact with any person and is done through a mobile device.

IBS experts are proficient in designing and developing mobile applications for diverse industries. Our Mobile Application (iMobile) is compatible with all kinds of smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS). Our software services’ framework is flexible, meaning it enables smooth implementation of customer services regardless of the industry type, payment type, and service type.

IBS Mobile Application (iMobile) enables customers to self-manage their mobile accounts and execute services including bill payment, mobile top-up (voice, data and international), and transferring credit. Through iMobile, organizations can easily gather customer data and choose target audiences for their new products and services. It also facilitates access to reports and thereby allows for proper monitoring.

Benefits of iMobile (Mobile Application)
  • • Improves customer loyalty and experience
  • • Provides customer service anytime anywhere
  • • Provides effective reporting solutions
  • • Collects customer data
  • • Provides easy and secure payment mechanisms
  • • Facilitates promoting new products and services
Functionality of iMobile (Mobile Application)
  • • Bill payment
  • • Open new line
  • • Terminate line
  • • Check credit balance
  • • Transfer credit
  • • Buy new products/services
  • • Secure E-Wallet
Features of iMobile (Mobile Application)
  • • Customizable services
  • • Customizable user interface
  • • Quick data & report collection
  • • Fast & secure
  • • Search option
  • • GPS connectivity
  • • Support different platforms (iOS, Android)
  • • Easy social media integration
  • • Push notifications
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Sample Project…

Vodafone iMobile
• Mobile payment application
• Customer service channel
• Marketing channel
• eCommerce platform