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Why Should Telecom Companies provide evoucher with mobile top up services?

Telecom customers are actively seeking services that suit their digital lifestyle, from mobile top up to the way they pay their bills. They also do not want to worry about carrying cash around in their pockets anymore. On the other hand, Telecom operators are seeking easy and flexible solutions that cut down costs on printing, distribution, and widen their resellers network. Distributors also perform better when using systems with consolidated reports and easy financial control modules. The voucher management distribution application system is one of the value-added services that is of utmost importance nowadays for retailers to provide for their customers.

The e-Voucher Distribution Management Application or the Electronic Voucher System is also known as EVD application software. It is simply a pin less voucher distribution mechanism.

IBS EVD Solution for the Telecom Industry

With a focus on telecom operators and retail distributors, IBS put extensive research and development efforts on Digital Distribution since 2014. IBS built a fully functional Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) Application System under the name of “iVoucher” to help Telco companies expand their voucher distribution network. iVoucher provides a simple, fast, easy to use and cost-efficient process of producing vouchers, increasing sales, and controlling sales activities. IBS Telecom iVoucher has a flexible hierarchy, and so can be used by many beneficiaries including distributors, merchants, and branches.

E-Voucher Distribution Solution

IBS Telecom iVoucher allows returning customers to top up mobiles, pay bills, recharge mobile phones, recharge prepaid connections, and even purchase in retail stores using eVouchers. More services can be added to iVoucher like processing gift vouchers and international mobile top-up. IBS Telecom iVoucher is safe and easy to use. Customers will just need to select a service, provide some information in the POS, and then the POS would generate a voucher to authenticate the completed transaction.

IBS Telecom iVoucher facilitates managing the entire lifecycle of voucher distribution through a single machine – the POS terminal . Our system can be integrated with any smart POS machine and common Linux POS machines. The same system can be extended for mobile users on Android and iOS. The POS machines are portable and can be used in areas with 4G LTE, Bluetooth, 3G, 2G GPRS, and WIFI. It also works in online and offline modes to deliver compatibility in low internet area.

Voucher Generation

Voucher Distribution

Voucher Redemption

Our cutting edge EVD Application is unique in design and offers complete control to manage vouchers distribution. It was developed and designed by IBS experts, using the best hardware and best-of-breed software. If implemented as part of Infinite e-channels management platform , IBS Telecom iVoucher can be controlled, monitored, and managed through the integrated web portal “iWeb”. Use a smart way to run your payment transactions. Contact us now.

Benefits of the EVD Application System

• Allows to monitor sales activity

• Reduces fraud & theft risk

• Allows to easily access stocks

• Reduces transaction cost

• Increases retailer satisfaction

• Improves distribution & channel experience

• Reduces printing and distribution cost

• Provides visibility of voucher lifecycle through extensive reporting

• Provides real-time monitoring of business performance

Functions of the EVD Application System

• Promotions

• eVouchers

• Bill Payments

• Commissions

• Products based

• E-Registration

• Mobile Top-up/Deposit

Features of the EVD Application System

• Multiple services & operations

• Multiple wallets/credits

• Fast, secure & interactive

• Multiple languages

• Multiple reports

• Multiple currencies

• Easy implementation, maintenance, & monitoring

• ISO 8583 protocol (communication & messages protocol)

• Support all security standards

• Flexible hierarchy

• Flexible product catalogue

• Wallet Management

• Sales Team Management

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iVoucher - EVD System

iVoucher – Voucher Management

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