Telecom Self Service

Importance of being a Digital Telecom Company

With more people moving towards mobile phones, telecommunication remains to be the most competitive and fastest-growing market in the globe. The traditional customer service channels aren’t favored like before and Telecom companies can no longer ignore the customer experience. Our world today is undeniably digital which fosters Telecom companies to endure digital transformation. A digital Telecom company provides customers with digital experiences through Telecom apps, Telecom Self Service Kiosks (SSK), and more. Telecom services would certainly become faster, easier, and available around the clock.

IBS selfservice Solution for the Telecom Industry IBS experts worked with some of the world's largest telecom companies, and so they gained vast knowledge of the best practices, services, and problems facing the Telecom sector. They know what is needed to become a digital Telecom firm and therefore helped produce an advanced machine for the Telecom industry.

Our Telecom Self Service Solution “Telecom iKiosk” offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, designed to address the needs of the Telecom industry. The Telecom selfservice solution offered by IBS is compliant with CITC regulations, and allows for KYC verification and validation including fingerprints, reading/scanning IDs and passports, user authentications, and more. The iKiosk Selfservice Machine (SSM) is customizable, allowing you to choose the hardware style and user interface that best reflects your branding and services. Built using best-in-class software and hardware, IBS Telecom iKiosk is the one-stop Telecom solution for all your customer needs. IBS Telecom iKiosk can simply supply customers with the information they need regarding subscriptions, lines, vouchers, offers, etc. All Telecom services can be processed though one selfservice machine. Our Telecom SSM facilitates issuing sim cards, top-up through e-vouchers, bill payments, activating and terminating lines, and much more. Using the embedded scanner, customers can be registered, and contracts can be processed automatically. This custom kiosk can also operate to advertise about your products and services while not being used by customers.

zain selfservice-machine
If implemented as part of Infinite e-channels management platform , IBS Telecom iKiosk can be controlled, monitored, and managed through the integrated web portal “iWeb”. Authorized personnel can see live dashboards and reports for each machine.

IBS Telecom iKiosk is the first step towards a Telecom digital transformation. It is the right choice to improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty.

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• 24/7 availability
• Enhanced queue management
• Expanded service portfolio
• Reduced operational cost


• Customizable
• Multi-payment channels
• High security
• Live, comprehensive reporting system
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Ability to be modified and upgraded
• Multiple languages
• Advertisement module
• Online monitoring & control system
• Aesthetic & easy to maintain design
• Location flexible installation


• Sim card issuance & replacement
• Activation/termination of lines
• KYC processing (face, speech, fingerprint, ID)
• Credit transfers
• Voice, data & international top-up
• Bill payment & bill plan management
• Gift voucher issuance
• Reward points redemption