Customers tend to favor service providers who applied a form of digital transformation; ones that accommodate to digital consumer behaviors and self-service. Customers return to service providers with shorter turnaround times, 24x7x365 availability and accessibility, and omnichannel interactions.

Service providers on the other hand, want to add features much faster, extend their presence without opening new branches, reduce the number of steps and people involved in transactions, reduce the risk of financial errors, increase their customer base and sales.

Fintech companies like IBS introduce a practical and convenient solution that guarantees to extend your reach and improve your customer experience. Several self-service kiosks will be deployed across your organization to tell people about your offerings and enable automated and speedy processing of services. Self-service kiosks allow customers to select and pay for products and services without the need for human interaction from your side. They can be used in many different industries and are making a huge difference in locations with heavy footfall.

IBS iKiosk solution is a complete self-service solution with required hardware, software, and API integration. IBS is distinguished for its custom kiosk hardware (https://www.infinitebs.net/kiosk-machine.html) designs and custom kiosk software. Our industry experts start with identifying the business’ needs and the services that will be offered, accordingly experts present the best hardware enclosure design that will fit all the needed peripherals. Our professional software experts will then select the modules to be installed on the kiosk, according to the organization’s needs. Some organizations prefer to deploy informational kiosks, while others prefer to have transactional kiosks that are beneficial for endless situations like payments, renewals, printing, and transfers.

Your authorized personnel can manage iKiosk through the iKiosk Client Management Module. Several functions can be executed such as refill coins, close sessions, refill sims, refill cards, peripheral checks


  • • Improve your customer experience
  • • Shortens wait times
  • • Speed up processes
  • • Branding and promotion
  • • Customized to present your organization
  • • 24/7 availability


  • • Print reports
  • • View balance
  • • Pay for services
  • • Check new products/services
  • • Open/delete account
  • • Remittance services
  • • Execute usual services


  • • Operations
  • • Customer Care
  • • Finance Reporting and Analysis
  • • User Management
  • • Supports multiple languages
  • • Supports multiple payment options