About IBS

Infinite Business Solutions DMCC (IBS) is a fintech company that offers technology solutions & value-added services to many industries and business sectors all over the world. Throughout the years, our products and services were adopted by banks, exchange houses, telecom operators, government institutes, utility service providers, insurance companies, charities, educational institutions, retailers, etc.

IBS helps organizations with their digital transformation through integrating digital technology into all areas of their business, fundamentally changing the way they operate and serve daily customers. Our advanced self-service solutions comprise of custom software and hardware. The solution provided by IBS comprises of software, hardware, integration, implementation, training, and support. With a proficient in-house development team, IBS ensures to provide each of its clients with a custom solution meaning that components, such as the kiosk hardware enclosure, kiosk software, mobile application; are tailored to meet the client needs and preferences.
We streamline the entire and connected solution with unparalleled consultation, development, integration, implementation, training, and support services.
IBS was among the first few global companies that were able to internally develop a fully integrated and comprehensive platform that facilitates the processing and management of daily operations including managing terminals, reporting, reviewing dashboards, customer support, and managing profiles. This robust, cloud-based, efficient platform is called the “IBS e-channels Management Platform”. IBS e-channels Management Platform seamlessly integrates with back-end systems and different e-channels such as Kiosks, Point of Sale (POS), web and mobile applications.

Being an innovative solution provider, IBS offers 5 products within the IBS e-channels Management Platform:

1. Automated Self Service Solution (iKiosk): iKiosk is a complete self-service solution with required kiosk machine, software, and API integration

2. E-Voucher Distribution System (iVoucher): iVoucher facilitates managing the entire lifecycle of voucher distribution through a single machine – the POS terminal

IBS is a leading kiosk provider
We have delivered interactive kiosk machine hardware and software solutions for dozens of industries around the globe.

3. POS Application (iPOS): iPOS facilitates monitoring and recording online and offline transactions between a seller and a buyer.

4. Mobile Application (iMobile): Our software services’ framework is flexible, meaning it enables smooth implementation of customer services regardless of the industry type, payment type, device type, and service type.

5. Web Solutions (iWeb): iMobile enables customers to self-manage their mobile accounts and execute services. iMobile is compatible with all kinds of smartphones and tablets (Android/iOS)

35 Million Financial Transactions

1,000+ Kiosks

16,000 POS Machines

Millions of Mobile App Users

We meet the demands of growing businesses with our global reach and flexible delivery models. IBS is headquartered in Dubai – UAE, has a sales office in Amman – Jordan, and is represented by many partners and distributors internationally.

IBS is now one of the largest players and trusted names in the fintech market, with its dynamic platform integrated with more than 170 services, in more than 14 countries. Today, millions of users are using IBS technology all over the world. We have an extensive client base mainly in the GCC countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman), Jordan, and some African countries (Rwanda, Angola, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso).

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