Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application with self-payment solution is a must for customer retention in today’s time. Most Telecom Service Providers are embracing this new development to stay ahead of competition. Telecom Mobile Applications provides the customers with the choice of self-managing their mobile accounts and paying their bills anytime and anywhere. With a customizable User Interface and many enhanced functionalities, IBS Mobile Application (iMobile) serves multiple purposes.

Telecom Customers can use it for:

  1. Mobile Top Up (Voice, Data and International)
  2. Transfer Funds/Credit
  3. Postpaid Bill Payment
  4. Mobile Account Management

IBS Mobile Application (iMobile) is designed to bring in innovation in Telecom operations. Besides offering an amazing Customer Experience through instant engagement, the mobile application provides better brand visibility, increased reach, and improved subscriber acquisition. iMobile facilitates ease of access to generate reports and thereby conduct proper monitoring. You can easily gather customer data and choose target audiences for your new products and services.

IBS Mobile Application is compatible with all kind of smartphones (Android/iOS Based). Our Software Services Framework is designed to enable smooth implementation of the required services as per customer specific requirements.

Our Mobile Application can be provided to any Industry and it is flexible to fit the requirements of the client. Any type of service and payment can be applied on iMobile, and our team have the excellent experience to advise the client about the best flow of the Mobile screens and designs.


  1. Customizable Application
  2. Quick Data & Report Collection
  3. Fast & Secure
  4. GPS is available
  5. For all Platforms - iOS, Android etc.
  6. Hassle-Free Bill Payment
  7. Easy Social Media Integration
  8. Secure E-Wallet