KIOSK selfservice Machine Solution

System Technology:

  1. The infinite platform is developed on Microsoft .Net Framework and MVC C# as the front-end
  2. The backend of the application is developed using C# technologies
  3. DB server is MSSQL Server
  4. The application uses the latest encryption algorithms (AES256, SHA1 etc..) for communicating between client and the server
  5. The communication to the server is made through different communication protocols (WebServices, TCP/IP, JSON, XML, SOAP etc..).
  6. The system is designed to be user-friendly.

Main features:

  1. Operations
  2. Customer Care
  3. Finance Reporting and Analysis
  4. User Management
  5. Configuration Management
  6. Alert Management


  1. Management of Operators, Distributors, Merchants (Retailers), Branches and Terminals.
  2. Managing Services, Products, Commissions, Agreements, Wallets & Catalogues.
  3. Cash & Session Managements
  4. Customer Care (Transaction Tracking, Payment Voucher Tracking, Terminal Status).
  5. Terminal Management and Control using Terminal Commands
  6. Pin Loader
  7. Finance reports (Reconciliation, Wallets, Stock, Performance etc..)
  8. infinite platform User Management
  9. Managing the configuration of the system(Receipts messages, Language Translations, project-specific configurations etc..)
  10. Managing the alerts with support of alert matrix up to 3 levels(Stock limit, Terminal status, etc..)

IBS Terminal Management System

iKiosk Client Application :

ikiosk client Application is the Software which will be installed on the KIOSK Machine. It contains multiple modules which will be installed as per the business requirements. The modules are Payment, Checking Peripherals, Listener, Encryption, Parsing, Connection Manager, Logging, and Database

System Technology

  1. Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation with C#
  2. SQLite or Microsoft SQL Compact Edition

System Environment

  1. Designed to work on Windows x64 & x86 platforms like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP.

Main Features:

  1. Supports multiple languages like English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi etc. with easy translation in order to make customer feel easy to use services offered in it
  2. ikiosk client is upgraded and controlled remotely through infinite platform Suite.
  3. Supports flexible payment options like Cash, Card, Vouchers, and mobile money.
  4. Supports integrated advertisement model which is controlled remotely through infinite platform suite.
  5. ikiosk client Kiosk Management module is a controlled module which can be accessed only by authorized personnel on controlled date and time which is defined through infinite platform to manage the below privileges on the ikiosk client Machine:
  • a. Empty/Clearing Recycler
  • b. Empty/Clearing Coin Hopper
  • c. Refill Notes
  • d. Refill Coins
  • e. Close Sessions
  • f. Refill Sims
  • g. Refill Cards
  • h. Peripheral checks