E-Voucher Distribution Solution

E-Voucher Distribution Solution

System Technology

  1. Frontend is developed in Java/Kotlin.
  2. Backend is developed in Microsoft .Net Framework with C#
  3. Database is developed in MSSQL Sever
  4. The communication protocol used is RESTful APIs developed in MVC supporting JSON, XML etc. as message protocol.

POS Terminal Features:

POS Settings:

Under POS Settings Menu, a user can configure terminals in below areas:

  1. Version Check
  2. Terminal Setup
  3. IP Setup
  4. GPRS Setup
  5. Date & Time Setup
  6. USB Application Installation
  7. Change Communication

ivoucher Application Features

  1. User Friendly
  2. Interactive
  3. Multi-services
  4. Multi-Communication Protocol
  5. Product Catalogue
  6. Easily implemented, maintained, and monitored
  7. Supports many types of security standards

Web Portal Main Features Capabilities ivoucher

  • Web Portal Main Features and Capabilities:


  1. E- Voucher.
  2. Management of Operators, Distributors, Merchants (Retailers), Branches and Terminals.
  3. Managing Services, Products, Commissions, Agreements, Wallets & Catalogues.
  4. Customer Care (Transaction Tracking, Terminal Status).
  5. Terminal Management and Control
  6. Pin Loader
  7. Finance reports (Reconciliation, Wallets, Stock, Performance etc.)
  8. infinite platform User Management
  9. Managing the configuration of the system (Receipts messages, Language Translations, project-specific configurations etc.)
  10. Managing the alerts with support of alert matrix up to 3 levels (Stock limit, email-based reports etc.)